Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Pinch me, I might be dreaming! Embroidery machine!

For as long as I can remember, there have been two specialty machines I've been awed /intimidated by and at the same time wanted them for sewing, a Serger and an embroidery machine. I still don't have a Serger, but I finally have the embroidery machine! Besides the price, the thing holding me back was the question of 'would I really use it?'  I'm a great person for collecting crafts, and I've finally gotten to the point where I try (not always succeed, but I try!) not to impulse buy crafting stuff. (Fabric doesn't count!) when a neighbor got a fancy machine of her own several years ago, she told me I could use it, with my own supplies. Then she told me the price and I was afraid to even look at it, in case I somehow messed it up! That machine cost more than my first car!!

My new baby was nowhere near that pricey, but it has all the features I need!

(So pretty!!)

When I started listing all the things I currently make that I could embellish with embroidery, I decided that this would be my next big purchase. Research led me to the Brother machines, reasonably priced and good quality. I love my Brother sewing machine, so I wasn't worried about the quality. Everyone advised me to get the biggest hoop I could afford, but I decide to start small to make sure I really use it. Mine is the brother PE500, with a 4x4 embroidery field. That sounds tiny, but for what I have planned, it is plenty big! I'm actually amazed by how big the designs are.

(It's better than watching TV!)

(My camera picks up the grain in fabric...I should probably try to fix that in my settings)

(My first broken needle.  When I break a needle, I don't fool around!)

(Death Before Decaf, my motto for life!)

(First try with multiple threads, it's almost as thick as a patch!)

(Had to get the Ponies because both my Daughters and I love them!)

Now I need to find the best embroidery websites, so far I'm loving and, but I search Etsy a lot and am always on the hunt for other great sites!


  1. These look so professional, and SO SCARY to do! Congratulations on your new machine. (And I didn't know you had a blog! I'm adding it to my Feedly list.)

    1. Thanks! Other than the horrible broken needle attack, it really is much easier than it looks!


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