Wednesday, April 8, 2015

WIP Wednesday - indecision week!

Have you ever had so many things that you want to to, but instead of picking one and going with it you end up either staring at your choices until you don't have time to do anything, or just giving up and laying on the couch reading a book?  Yeah, um, that is totally what is happening this week!
(Flap is ready to be cut down to size)

I know that my next purse is going to be Doctor Who, and the outer flap is done, but I'm stuck! The body is probably going to be a solid blue but I could add embroidery, either a fez and bow tie, weeping angel, Dalek or adipose outline, the doctor's name......I just can't decide!  And then what fabric for inside?

So many choices! I need to get moving on this because I have 2 more paid projects waiting in the wings. A breast cancer awareness crochet hook case and another Doctor Who/Alice in Wonderland crossover purse!

Really I'm feeling like I should start organizing and cleaning my craft supplies (and house, if I have to) but I'm not quite that motivated either.  This weekend is the local quilt expo, so I need to see what I might possible need (and make sure I have room for it!).  I'm pretty sure I don't actually need anything, but it's so much fun to go and pet the pretty fabrics!!

WIP - Sewing - I have sewn down the crayon parts of 2 rolls, but that's it.  I have to change thread color to do the rest and I was too lazy to find matching thread and wind the bobbin.  Mostly because first I would have to find an empty bobbin.

WIP - crochet - finally getting back to working on more tutus, this one is a sparkly raspberry pink that is hard to get a true color picture!  The yarn is soooo soft though, I wish I had bought more!

(top part of a 2T tutu, which is just fun to say out loud.  Go ahead, you know you want to.  "2T tutu")
NIL: Finishing up crayon rolls, pink ribbon crochet hook case, Doctor Who concealed carry purse, finding a place to stash, er, organize all my fabrics and supplies.

Goal for the weekend:  Get the craft area cleaner, cut out Campfire Messenger, and don't spend tons of money at the quilt show.  ;)

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