Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Bella Sew Along And a little catch up

There is another sew along going on in the ChrisW Face Book group, so be sure to join in if you have the time!  I've never made the Bella, but I'm hoping to have some time to jump in soon. 

May is always a busy month for me, we have birthdays galore and school drawing to a close, so everything goes into overdrive! 

Here's a few things I worked on last week -

Tunic dresses for 2 little girls - Used the free pattern from the Color Me fabric line.  It was a pretty fast and easy dress to make, but I think that it really needs more than a yard to make the size 6.  I was able to get one cut out of a yard, but there is no way I would be able to do it in fabric that has a direction.  I tried to use the Color Me fabric, but even if I didn't try to center the motif there was just not enough width to cut 2 pieces!  I'd suggest at least 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 yards, which would give you enough room to fussy cut. 

The Frozen version I had to cut the separate pieces for the back and sew them together, so I don't know how I cut the Baymax one that I was able to do it in 2 cuts.  I also cut 4 pockets instead of 2 and sewed them right sides together, flipped them out, and sewed them on so they are lined pockets.  There was also a request for a zipper on the Frozen one, so I finally got to use one of my pretty lace zippers!

I finally got around to trying out a hairbow holder I picked up a few weeks ago.  Not bad for my first attempt, but I wish I could have found better ribbon to match Anna's dress!

And a few snap tabs I've been stitching out...

(I think this dragon needs a jeweled eye!)

I got tired of losing my embroidery scissors, so I came up with this idea, a command hook ON the machine!  One step closer to being organized!  One teensy, tiny step....

This twist lock was the DEVIL to install, but I can't wait to see the entire project finished!!

And speaking of devils...while I sew I watch Netflix and I recently started watching Supernatural.  My oldest watches it on and off with me, but she came up with a sticky note to describe the series so far (We're in season 3).  And now we call them Food Brother and Hair Brother.  :D

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