Thursday, May 14, 2015

WIP Wednesday - Final Week of the Serendipity Hip Sew Along!

(Since I can't figure out how to make the schedule post things, so you get this a day late, sorry! But you also get updates, so yay?)

You still have until next Monday at midnight to enter your purse in the album for a chance to win fabulous prizes, so don't procrastinate any more!
(Inside card pockets, waiting to be evened out and sewn. I swear the yellow is actually bright and cheerful, not sure why my camera took it like this!)
I was out of town for work, so no sewing for me yet this week!  Time to jump back in though, my backlog is piling up!

Update:  I'm almost done!!  Here's a horrible late night picture to tease you with...

WIP Sewing:  Need to finish the inside card pockets on the Serendipity hip, then put the inside, outside and zipper all together and it will be finished! - Just need to finish hand sewing the bottom shut and iron it!

WIP Crochet:  Finish up the pretty lovey skirt, start on some heads, arms, and hair.

NIL:  (In no particular order)

I have an April birthday request for a recently released Swoon Evelyn pattern in some pretty purple and silver glitter vinyl.

(Picture doesn't do this justice, it's a rich purple and so pretty!)
Order for a crochet hook case

(Two of the main fabrics being used for the crochet hook case)
Order for a NCW in the pretty Indellible fabric I used to make my Ramona

(The butterflies will be the focus!)
Super secret purse testing (Need to finish before June!)

(Pretty Tula pink fabrics, need to figure out if I can mix and match what I have)
Barbie Lunch Box

It feels like I had more lined up...hmm...wonder what I'm forgetting...

Oh well, time to fire up the embroidery machine so it can stitch away while I am sewing!  These Zelda key chains are going to stitch themselves!

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