Sunday, May 3, 2015

Doctor Who Campfire Messenger Bag or, How Much Awesome Can One Bag Contain?

I've been dreaming of an awesome bag for myself that shows my love for the TV series Doctor Who, and now that Joann's Fabric FINALLY carries some of the licensed fabric, my dreams came true!  I'm pretty sure I could have squeezed in a bit more, but I also wanted to finish the purse eventually!


I wanted a purse with a flap (more secure and faster when I'm checking out and throw my wallet into the purse without stopping to zip it shut) and lots of pockets so I've been searching for the 'perfect' pattern.  Several were under consideration, but when I saw the March Bag of the Month pattern, the Campfire Messenger, I decided to stop procrastinating and go for it!  The bag wasn't quite as wide as I need for my NCW (Necessary Clutch Wallet) so I added an inch onto the gusset and top flap.  I should have added an inch onto the zippered closure, but I didn't.  Oops.

I wasn't sold on the snaps to hold the flap and meant to switch them out for magnets, but instead I used my Dalek Kamsnaps (special limited edition, so not still for sale, sorry) and they seem to be working pretty good.  I find myself only threading one through, unless I want the purse secured, then I snap them both.

One thing I meant to add in but totally spaced on was a cell phone pocket.  I was going to add it on behind the back slip pocket (similar to the Lombard Street design) but in the rush of finishing I never did.  Rats.  It does have tons of pockets, but they are either zippered or really deep, so no 'fast' phone access.

I added in another zippered pocket to the lining (made it bigger too) for those things that females seem to carry in their purse but may want to have hidden for when kids are digging through looking for mints or they are showing off their awesome purse to strangers. ;)

(Back slip pocket)

The front flap features embroidery from Urban Threads, the Police Box Design

Under the flap are 2 designs from the Bean Stitch done in glitter vinyl.  They were key fobs, but I used my severely limited free program to remove the tab stitches one by one.  Someday I'll get real editing software...
(Weeping Angel and Adipose)

And in related news, my new sewing machine, Stormy, had no issues at ALL with sewing the layers!  Even going over the tabs on the flap didn't slow him down at all.  I'm still finding out his quirks, and learning seam allowances, but other than bending needles on zippers I haven't had any other issues.  I did have to rip a few stitches when I'd try to use the top speed and then look away while still sewing...not a good idea!

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