Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Crochet Time! Finally finished something!

It seems like lately all I've been doing is sewing and embroidery, but when my 5 year old decided she was going to learn crochet this weekend (she can chain, sort of!) and then decided she needed slippers, I decided it was time to break out the hooks and get to it!  I found a simple pattern at Hodgepodge Crochet (with slightly confusing instructions since I didn't actually go to the links or watch the videos - so my own fault) that I was able to use to whip out a pair of slippers in no time.  And "no time" means at least 4 hours, while watching tv.  ;)
(First Slipper finished!  cute and simple)
The slippers are sized for shoe sizes 10-2 (super stretchy!) and they are loose on my size 11 wearing child.  To fix that, I added some ribbons, which also gives them the added bonus of a ballerina look.  She picked some Red Heart Super Saver yarn (not my favorite, too scratchy!) that will be sturdy and washable.  I also didn't do the last round in the pattern (she was too excited to have them and kept wanting to try them on while I was making them and sticking her foot in my face).  I hope that in the not too distant future she'll be crocheting her own stuff, then I'll have 2 kids stealing my good yarn and hooks to make their own things.  Oh well, and excuse to buy more yarn!  :D

We haven't quite figured out how ballerinas keep the straps from falling down, so my ingenious child decided she needed to use tape.  Duct tape and then scotch tape.  It worked.
(This is how Ballerina's stand, according to her.  I'm not sure it's actually right, but I never took lessons to show her the right way either)

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