Wednesday, June 10, 2015

UFO/WIP Wednesday - Catching up on sleep

I usually push myself and don't go to bed until close to midnight, which makes it rough to be up for work by 6 a.m.  Every so often my body will rebel and I either get sick or just crash and sleep.  This has been a week for sleep!  Hopefully soon I will be back up to my usual level of productivity, but this sleep thing is kind of nice. As a result of this 'sleeping' thing I've been doing, not much has been finished this week.

I did manage to stitch out a few of my newer bows (apologies if you saw it already on Instagram or FaceBook!)
(There are several in there...olaf, Mickey and Minnie, Cinderella, Game of Thrones, Tardis, Crochet, Tinkerbell, swirls...)


Sewing:  Working on another pattern test for ChrisW - a much simpler one than the Penny Inn Wallet, but still super cute!

Crochet:  Still the same as last week - tutus and loveys


Crayon rolls, tons of bows to put together, more snap tabs...for some reason this list never gets shorter...

 Oh, and check out the new cards for our shop!  I finally can hand them out without having to write my blog information on them!  I feel so professional!

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  1. I didn't know you had a store! I'm going to have to go visit now.


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