Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Lull Before the Storm....

Now that 2 craft shows are done, I finally have time to catch back up on orders.  And sleep.  Maybe sleep first, then orders...  I have a few weeks until the next craft show, so it's time to restock the stuff that sold out (crayon rolls were hot at the last show!) and decide if I want to try anything new...or maybe have a chance to get to my 'ooh, I should make this' list before Christmas....
My giant stack of crayon rolls I have cut out and ready to go...need to get some boy ones cut now!

Or I'll make a ton of plans, and somehow 3 weeks will fly by and I'll be frantically sewing a dozen crayon rolls the night before the show again... That sounds about right for me.
Last year's haul...I um have some of them washed ...and I cut into a few of them to make tiny swaddled animals!

I have big plans for the next few weeks: trying to finally use up some of my previous purchases of Black Friday Flannel from Joann's (it's so soft and cheap that I can't resist!) is high on the list, purse orders (just 2!), stocking up on crayon rolls for the craft show and Etsy, finishing some bigger things in my embroidery machine, like stuffed animals and wings, trying my hand at quilted pillow covers (anyone need a bigfoot pillow -- besides me?), finish up my own quilt, figure out a BB-8 crochet hat.... and I'm sure I can come up with a ton more things I want to do...

Anyone else have insane lists to finish before Christmas?  Join me in the insane lists of craftiness and together we can rule the dark side of crafting!  Actually, if I can get even half of my list done, I'll be amazed! Time for more coffee!!

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