Wednesday, November 11, 2015

WIP Wednesday - Last Wednesday of the Kiss Clutch Sew Along

If you are still working on your Kiss Clutch, time to get it done!!  It looks like I'll only have one finished for this, which is honestly how much I thought I would get to, but I hoped I'd have time for more!  I have the fabric picked out for more, and they are a pretty fast sew (for a purse) so once I get a few things out of the way I'll work on the tutorial for the zipper and whip up a few for the etsy shop!
Can't stop making stuff so I can get a better picture, no time for fun and games this week!

The things taking up my time...My new embroidery machine!!! It's so beautiful and HUGE!  It's a Brother Innov-is NQ1400E.  I have the Sew What Pro program, which I'm using to combine files so I can make it stitch a million things all at once.  Ok, not that many, but a LOT!  Instead of doing these finger puppets one at a time, I can stick up to 11 in my 6x10 hoop and run them all at once.  I'm excited to try some of the wings from in my big hoop; giant butterfly wings and bat wings are on my list!

Just waiting for 2 candy canes to give them antlers!

Need some Christmas sassy sayings?  
I did manage to finish something this week -- the Nora purse by Swoon!  Now I just need some daylight to be able to take good pictures!  Otherwise you are getting my tiny light box pictures so I can finally deliver it...



-Crayon Rolls - pulled them back out, started stitching, and have 4 almost finished!  Plus another one mostly cut out and some fabric picked out for a few more!
-Harry Potter Concealed Carry Purse - design has been finalized, now I'm working on making sure everything will fit before I cut into my expensive fabric!  Also need to embroider on the outside pocket...I can do it huge if I want!!
-Pattern Testing - Won't be released for a bit, so I can't even tease pics!


-Ewok coffee cup cozy needs eyes (buttons), and ends woven in
-Yoda coffee cup cozy needs sewn together
-baby hat needs a flower/pompom/something



-Bella II purse
-Epiphany purse
-Sedimental Quilt
-Pick a Pocket Doctor Who wallet



-shark tail blanket
-goldfish lovey



-Quilt using either Fox, cat, hedgehog or Big Foot pattern
- Kiss Clutches
-Nora with Octogarden fabric and Cork
-Dice Bags with cork


-More cowls for the craft fairs
-corner to corner crochet along for Doctor Who


  1. holding you to your promised zipper add-in tutorial for the Kiss Clutch!

    1. I'm hoping to have time next month...January at the latest! ;)


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