Monday, February 22, 2016

Final Day of Brandt's Boulevard Sew Along!

I hope everyone had a great time that joined us in the sew along!  I *almost* got mine done last night, but there is still about an hour or less of work left on mine (top-stitching the outside, deciding if I want a strap or not, adding on the rest of the push lock) so tonight it will be done!
This is my 'fake it because you didn't make it' pic...the top of the push lock isn't actually attached, and the wonder clips are holding the inside and outside together.  Viola, internet magic!
Inside is even mostly straight!

Don't forget to enter your finished pics into the album, I'll be randomly drawing a winner (or 2!) for a free ChrisW pattern

I think the kitten with glasses is my favorite of the cats!  I managed to hide him under the strap on the front because I'm awesome like that.  :p

Don't forget to add your finish to the album, if you haven't already!

I'll get better pics after I finally finish...and then this one will go up on Etsy because I don't need another wallet for myself.  ;)

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