Wednesday, February 3, 2016

WIP Wednesday - Cuteness overload!

I'm lucky to be a tester for the designer at MichigeekDesigns and she is coming out with some ADORABLE stuff!  And also witty, geeky stuff...another favorite of mine!

As soon as I saw these, they got to jump the line of designs waiting to be stitched on my machine.  And I'm trying to decide just how many I can stick on my keys... I love the cute Neko Atsume game they are based on!  You can find the file to make your own HERE, or buy the finished ones HERE!


I also managed to finish up the baby hat this weekend, this is the new Joann's brand of yarn, Big Twist.  I love the colors in this one, an unusual combination, but very soft and pretty!  Purple, pink, white, and grey!

Ribbed looking so it is extra thick and warm, plus stretchy!
One thing that 'slowed' me down this week was finishing up 22 custom snap tabs for a friend's family reunion.  I'm now saving up for a table top snap press - I didn't think it was that bad until I went to put the snaps on the kittens last night and realized exactly where on my hands I was using to squeeze the pliers.  If I keep that up, I'll have some strange callouses and hulk strength when I squeeze.  Hmm...
That's what 22 snap tabs look like.  In case you were wondering.
 There's still time to give your Valentine Crabs!  Check out the etsy listing HERE!



Rosie Concealed Carry Purse - fabric has arrived, pattern is ready to go, just need to find a coordinate for the lining and jump in!

Crayon Rolls - yeah...I really need to finish these...

Flannel Eater blanket - Needs squared up and cut, then binding! - Making my goal for this week to at least square it up.

Sedimental Quilt- all quilted, just needs squared up and binding!

Finish the Owl Epiphany purse - it just needs top-stitching and the handles attached - going to try to finish by Friday!

Attach handle to Chloe's Court Clutch before Friday so she can join us at the craft show!


Mermaid lovey - Still working on the sea blanket.

NIL (Next in Line)

Tulip pouches (from this free pattern!!)

January Bag of the Month (Backgammon Bag) - Either in some Effervescence fabric or maybe the Zelda stained glass fabric
February Bag of the Month (Window Shopper) - nice big tote with great features!  Might need to use my Tula Pink Tigers or maybe some of the other big print fabrics I have.
Princess Lovey - she just needs hair and her head attached!
Cowl (1 a month goal!)
Embroidered pillow covers
Quilted pillow covers - Sasquatch fabric is ready to go, just need some spare time!

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