Monday, November 21, 2016

Fancy Crochet Hooks and Fun Yarn!

I think we collect crochet hooks in my house.  Once my oldest started crocheting, she of course needed her own hooks...which somehow led to us owning about 7 H size and 5 G sized hooks, plus multiples of other random sizes!  Yet I can never find one when I need it... Anyway, I'm always on the lookout for the 'best' hooks since I can't do the plain metal ones.  I hold them too tight and my hands will cramp up.  I love bamboo hooks, ergonomic ones, and lately I've picked up some of the plastic handled ones to try (but they wandered off already...I wonder what the craft gnomes are making now?)  I keep eyeing the Sculpey handled ones, but I know I don't have that level of sculpy-skill so trying to make one has been put WAAAAY on the back burner.
I keep forgetting to take a picture of the hook...this is all I have on my camera!

Luckily for me, I entered a contest on Crystalized Designs blog and somehow won a gorgeous crochet hook!  I love how it looks and it feels even smoother than the bamboo ones!  The hook was made by Happy Crochet Hooks, and it is a great feeling product.  If I didn't already own multiples of every hook size, I'd be so tempted by their pretty hooks!  The diameter of the hook feels very much like the bamboo, but it's so much prettier!

To test the hook, I decided to use some of the "Top This" yarn I found online from Joann's and make a lovey instead of a hat.  I tried to make my own pattern, but it ended up with a little more 'ripple' than I planned.  I still think it's cute and hope the baby will like it (when he's old enough to care!).  I still have 2 more balls of the yarn, but I think I'll go for an actual pattern someone else made!  I don't have any plans to become a big crochet pattern designer, and I like to follow patterns someone else has made and tested so I can have a chance of it turning out right.  ;)
Is it wrong to hope I lose more hooks so I have an excuse to replace them with the gorgeous Sculpey hooks?  :D

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