Thursday, December 1, 2016

Emma Sew Along - Day 1!

It's time for another sew along!  This one will be using the Emma pattern by ChrisW Designs.  If you haven't bought it yet, go do that now.  We'll wait for you.   Just don't take forever, we all want to get started!  ;)

Here's the schedule:
December 1 - Get started!  - cut out pattern, fabric and stabilizers, gather any hardware and supplies

December 3 - Fuse Stabilizers, begin sewing

December 5 - Finish Sewing!

December 14 - End of the Sew along

For the first day, you need to print out the pattern pieces, cut them out, and select your fabric.  Next, cut out your fabric and stabilizers, and make sure you have all the hardware pieces.

If you aren't doing the braided strap, go ahead and cut the strap fabric to 4"x length you want (30"-40" probably), and cut some SF101 to the same size.

I like to print out just the page showing my cutting list, along with whichever pieces I'll be doing.

Decide if you are doing the Flap or the Frill version - to keep myself in line, I cross out whichever one I'm NOT doing. 

Cut out and tape together the gusset piece, and cut out the other pieces.

I keep my pieces stacked with the pattern piece for small purses like this.  For large ones, I use my numbered pins to keep track of what piece goes with which one.

That's all you need to do for now!  Feel free to work ahead if you are on a roll, this is a fast sew!


  1. I was behind, but am catching up. She is almost all cut. Still choosing lining. Mine is going to be for a big girl's evening out. Using emerald green blend dressy fabric with black faux leather accents. Thasnks for leading this!!

    1. Sounds like she'll be super classy! Can't wait to see the pics!


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