Thursday, December 8, 2016

Springs Creative Ambassador Project - Handkerchief Wine Tote

The second fabric that Springs Creative sent was a real challenge for me - Using handkerchiefs to make anything except head coverings...The only guidelines was something 'party' related, which gave me the idea for something you'd take to a party, like wine, in a tote!
Yep, need a professional photographer to stand over my shoulder and take ALL my pictures!

The pattern came from the On The Go Bags book by Lindsay Conner and Janelle MacKay.  I got my copy last year for Christmas, and it's full of neat patterns that aren't specifically 'purse' ones.  This pattern was very fast and simple, but the inside has an adjustable divider so it can hold two wine bottles without them banging together!  It is nice and padded, and very deep so that the bottles are protected more than just carrying them in your lap (or an ugly paper bag)!
Clear rulers make it so much easier to center designs!
I picked the colors most commonly associated with a Colorado based football team ;) .  The bandanas are 22"x22" so I had to piece them together to make any of the longer pieces, but I was able to make the outside panels out of 2 that I matched as closely as I could.  The original pattern called for a belt style embellishment, but I decided to leave it off and make the tote more casual!  I'm not a wine drinker, but I'm sure I could find something in bottles that would fit in there instead!

I finally remembered to match my bobbin thread and top thread to each side of a piece.  Since I was sewing black hook and loop tape onto an orange fabric, I knew that if I stuck with one color, any possible hiccups in my sewing would be glaringly obvious on one side.  Doing a black top thread and an orange bobbin thread worked great!

I sewed it hook side up, so that it wouldn't get caught by the feed dogs, and had no trouble!  If you find the hooks are getting caught as you sew, you can always try some wash away stabilizer or even tissue paper on top of it.

Be on the lookout for the next project, some adorable Trolls!

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