Monday, June 19, 2017

Baby Knit Headbands

I finally had a chance to plug in the serger and try out my new sewing studio!  It's not even halfway set up, but I am running out of time to get stuff made for my new niece (due any day now!) and I was itching to try out the new set up!
Hopefully they fit and stay on!

This quick project was a very easy and gratifying project, I found a free pattern online at Coral + Co and after hooking up my printer (I swear I printed it out before the move...but who knows where it ended up....) I was able to cut out 3 headbands and sew them up in a relatively short time!

First one has a bit more 'personality' due to a hungry serger
She suggests a stretch stitch for the headbands, but I wanted to do the serger since it would be faster...well, it was, except I wasn't paying attention and the part of the pattern that dips in got a little more chopped than in the original design.  By the third one, I had it better under control, I had to hold the fabric out of the way while I was going down into the curve part, then wiggle it back under the blade for the rest.  I also had to sew over a few spots again when I 'finished' since I either missed the bottom layer, or didn't get close enough to enclose the seam.  Even with my re-do's, it still was pretty fast! 
Had to fix the seam.  And fix it again...

The turning hole can be very tiny when you use stretchy material!
I put out a request for 'girly' scraps, then pre-washed them before cutting.  I wish I had the baby detergent or at least the free and clear stuff, but they should be good to wash in that when they arrive at their new home.  I can't wait to see if they actually fit!
Pretty stripes, just barely enough to make the headband

Only had enough of the roses for one side of the headband, but I kind of love it with sparkle, and it's still soft!
Now if I could just find the fabric I bought to make a mermaid baby gown, I might be able to whip that up before she comes too!

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