Thursday, June 1, 2017

Bag of the Month Club - June's Minifacto by ChrisW Designs

I was super lucky and got a chance to test the final bag for this run of the BOMC, ChrisW's Minifacto!  There are actually 2 different bags included, the Factotum and the Minifacto.  I really wanted to do the Factotum, but being limited on time meant I needed to go for the faster one.  I definitely will be making myself a big one since I need a new laptop bag!  The Minifacto is adorable, and actually a really good size, just slightly smaller than what I'm using now.
I don't know if I can let this one go...
Did you see this on instagram last night?  If you follow @tiger_in_a_tornado you would have!

Top has recessed zipper to keep everything inside!
Nice roomy gusseted pocket!

Phone pocket, fast access, but deep so the phone won't fall out!
My attempt at an 'artsy' shot.  Such a fun 'handmade' engraved closure!
I love all the features and pockets on the Minifacto, there is an easy to access phone pocket on the top, a front flap pocket and a hidden back zipper pocket.  Inside there are slip pockets and another zipper pocket!
Inside slip pockets
One word of advice, if the pattern says to use the main fabric for a piece, don't second guess and try to save your good fabric!  I am going to call the solid back a design feature, but I really meant for it to have even more of the awesome stained glass on the outside!

This is the hidden zipper pocket piece...I kind of like it solid actually!
See that pocket lining? Yeah, I thought it would be on the it's a hidden feature.
If you have never made a ChrisW pattern, you are in for a treat!  She is very detailed, with lots of pictures and tips to guide you through every step of the way.  Finishing one of her patterns is a real confidence boost!  ;)  She is the queen of pockets, so you will end up with a place for everything!

Why yes, I DID use different zippers for every time I needed one...I am trying to use my stash!
For this one I cut into my stained glass Beauty and the Beast fabric (I may be down to only 4 more yards!) and the coordinate is Tula Pink (one of my favorites too!).  I even found a (barely large enough) scrap of glitter vinyl that perfectly matched!
The bottom is a little off looking, but I'm pretty sure it's even. It should settle down and flatten out with use!

I even had this cool lock in my stash of hardware.  I really do love the Emmaline Bags hardware!  The top zipper is rainbow, and it just goes perfect with all the colors in the fabric!  I found the zipper at Sew Da Kine, where I get my black and silver zippers and cork fabric (someday I'll cut into the cork!)
If I can bring myself to part with it, this one might go up for sale...maybe.  ;)  If you want to make your own, you have until the end of June to join the Bag of the Month club (and get all 6 months of patterns!) or you have to wait 6 whole months for the Factotum and Minifacto patterns to be released! 


  1. NICE! I saw these earlier - thought the Factotem might be a little big, but this one looked perfect. I love that rainbow zipper!

    1. The Factotum is pretty huge, but this one is great for every day use!

  2. Very Nice! I love you zipper and the handmade lock. Your description of the characteristics is really appreciated. You just have to mention "pocket" and you have my attention. This is my first pattern with the queen of pockets, I should be satisfied!

    1. You'll love Christine's patterns! After making several of her purses you'll also have the skills to add pockets onto any purse! I don't know how people use purses without a million pockets, that would drive me crazy!


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