Monday, June 12, 2017

Things are Coming Together...Slowly

I was going through sewing withdrawal, but I was able to get a quick fix this weekend by doing a small convention at the local library.  I had great plans to get a ton of stuff prepared, but apparently moving takes a lot of effort and I only got a few things cut out and then couldn't find the tool to put snaps on more keychains and bracelets...
bows, bookmarks, finger puppets, snap tabs, masks and crowns!

I did send the Storm Trooper purse to a new home where it will be loved...guess it's time to make more Magnolia Messenger bags!

I think I need to make more purses with this fabric, I have a small stash...
The sewing studio is slowly coming together, I am spending a lot of time standing there and pondering where to put stuff....and then second guessing myself.   I just want it to be awesome and inspire me to sew faster!  I need to use up my stash!
I love the button rug from Ikea!
Hopefully later this week I'll be able to get to the sewing machine and at least take the cover off...not sure I'll be able to plug it in yet, but that's still progress!  I can't wait to be surrounded by my fabric and have everything where I can find it!  (at least for the first few weeks until it becomes a disaster and I have to reorganize...I'm being realistic)
There was a Wonder Woman at the convention that needed a crown, glad I could help her out!

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