Wednesday, December 2, 2015

WIP Wednesday - Using Up My Stash

Since I added to my stash of flannel, fleece, and yarn due to the amazing deals last weekend, I'm trying to get a million things done so I have room for other things, like a Christmas tree...  I've already completed 2 cowls with my new yarn, and have a 3rd in the that's like 1/30 of the new yarn used up...

Giant chunky yarn means the cowls work up fast! And eat a lot of yarn...

At the same time I'm also working on the Harry Potty concealed carry purse (well, not exactly the same time. I'm not an octopus.) and that is thisclose to being finished!  Hopefully tonight it will be done and I can get some good pics to share.  I tried to take pictures as I made the concealed pocket, but I'm pretty sure there was a bit of magic involved in getting it to work, and that doesn't photograph well.



-Harry Potter Concealed carry purse
-Baby blanket - faux chenille - top is embroidered, just need to prewash the flannel and cut my pieces, then sew like there's no tomorrow!
-Crayon rolls - still haven't finished these, and I need them for a craft show in 8 days, plus more that I haven't even cut yet.


-cowls - need ends woven in and buttons sewn on
-Star Wars coffee cozies - decide if I'm going with the 'drunken ewok' look and sew eyes, or scrap him.  Finish sewing Yoda on, needs eyes
-Finish BB-8 hat, needs the circles and ends woven in
-shark tail blanket - probably going to become a UFO for now...

NIL (next in line):


-Brandt's Boulevard wallet (a new pattern coming out this week, look for a blog post soon!)
-cat quilt
-flannel pj's for 3 kids
-BB-8 tunic dress

All these patterns are begging to be made!!


-Another BB-8 hat
-More cowls
-Even more cowls (did I mention the million skeins of yarn I picked up??)
-coffee cup cozies with pretty cotton yarn

How is everyone doing on their Christmas lists?  Still have 22 days for crafting left!

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