Monday, December 28, 2015

After Christmas Aftermath

We survived!!

I'll do more detailed posts eventually, but here are just a few of the last minute projects I was finishing up last week....and the week before...

BB-8 free-handed hat....I found better patterns AFTER I finished it.  Oh well.

BB-8 crochet hat (hopefully I'll get a more detailed post with a guide up when/if I make another one!)

Candy Cane reindeer (60) for school treats

Stitching out more snap tabs, look for new ones to show up in the Etsy store! (Soon, I promise!)
He loves warm hugs!
Harry Potter concealed carry purse - This will get an entire post!

Olaf Pick A Pocket Wallet and matching zippered bag

Brandt's Boulevard Wallet

Mermaid tails galore!
A requested Frozen style tail

And random ornaments...
Neko Atsume ornament.  Or if you love cats, it's just cute!
 It feels like I did so much more than that, but I can't remember much about the last few weeks, they were a blur!

What did you get finished (or are still working on?)

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