Monday, May 9, 2016

Emma Purse By ChrisW Designs

Recently in the ChrisW Designs Pattern Facebook group we did a fun challenge - sew you stash with a twist.  Someone assigned you a random number between 1 and xxxx (depending on your stash size) and you had to count your fabric and then make a ChrisW pattern with that fabric.  My first number was 622, which ended me up on some cute Princess emoji fabric.  I wanted to sneak my sewing in between my orders, so this had to be a fast pattern.  Scrolling through the patterns, I ran across the Emma.  I'd never made her before, but she looked perfect for a little princess purse!
Princess Emoji Fabric with shiny gold ruffle!


This is really a super fast and cute purse!  I skipped the braided strap and just went for a regular strap.  I might try a braid someday, it has a really neat method to make the strips!  Christine said "Please don't push the pattern" because it's one of her first ones and she has plans to update it in the future, but the great thing about her new website is that if you do end up buying the pattern now, you can go back after the update and get the new version!

I did a few changes to the purse, only one zippered pocket (I'm running low on matching zippers somehow!) and I accidentally forgot to add in the magnets on the second one I made, er, I mean I decided to leave the magnets off.  Yes that's it, totally intentional.  Oh yeah, I made a second one because it was so fast! 
Light pink swirly heart lining and matching zipper
I also did the 'turn through the pocket' method for these purses, so I had to trim the zipper pocket a little to make it work.  I still need to get pics of doing this, but it makes it so much easier and no hand sewing at the end or possibly wonky top edge!
Darker pink fabric from my stash matched perfectly, and no magnets

I think this purse is perfect sized for a little girl, and the ruffle gives it just enough extra 'girly-ness' to appeal even if you didn't use a character print.
Shopkins fabric from Joann's with dark pink ruffle!

Just for a size comparison, this is next to the Serendipity Hip, which I always considered a small bag.
My youngest loves Frozen.  And pins.
Still plenty big to fill with Shopkins though!
It's a sushi roll and hat.  With faces.  Somehow super cute and only slightly odd!
More pics, just because they are so cute!
I am loving all the "Sew Your Stash" purses showing up in the group, and I still have one more to make with some female super hero fabric - I think it might be a Brandt's Boulevard, unless something else catches my eye, but that one has to wait a few more weeks.

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