Monday, July 18, 2016

All things Pokemon!

Maybe you've heard a little about the new game that came out?  The one where you wander around outside like a zombie and try to catch imaginary creatures?  ;)  I admit I'm one of those zombies, but I haven't had much time to play since everyone I know is doing it at 2 a.m. and at that time of morning, I'm either asleep on the couch or asleep in bed...or I should be at least!
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One of the side effects of a fun new craze is that tons of designers are jumping on the bandwagon and rushing out awesome new designs that were inspired by the game!  I need more hours in the day to make them all!  Here's a few I've found so far...

Bobbin for Appliques has some adorable bows
Uncle Matt's Crib came out with the various team key fobs!  He also has several different characters as keychains!
Buggalena has several new designs, including a popsicle holder, keychain and headband slider!  The Pika headband is also super cute!
If you love crochet or knitting, there are also tons of patterns (free and paid)!  Top Crochet gathered together a list of a few popular ones with their patterns.

Have you found any other links to inspired and related crafts?  I'm on the lookout for more great stuff to make!

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