Monday, July 11, 2016

Hummingbird Dress by RabbitRabbit Creations

I avoid making clothing when I can, mainly because arm holes are tricky, and hems are the devil.  I can sew mostly straight on a purse, but give me a swath of fabric that needs folded up and made into a hem, and I suddenly can't sew straight!  However, when I get a request for a dress for my niece, I give in and give it a try!  The pattern my Sister in law picked out was the Hummingbird Dress by Rabbit Rabbit Creations, and it's a very cute and easy pattern!
No action shots, my model wouldn't cooperate!

Once I got her measurements, I was able to procrastinate on making it for quite a while.  ;)  When I finally started, it came together very nicely and relatively quick.  I was having some issues with the top to skirt seam because it just didn't want to go inside the top pieces for a nice finished look.  I decided to cheat and enclosed the seam in bias tape.  It made it a little thicker, but at least no fraying ends or messy seam is visible!
I didn't prewash enough of the Mario fabric, so the top became a solid blue Kona cotton, which I think I like more!

I also did french seams on the skirt since I cut it in one large piece, instead of 2, and I had some extra fabric to work with. I only prewashed a few yards of this awesome Mario fabric, I bought the whole bolt, but I'm down to maybe 4 yards now...Time to stock up again!
The back has elastic to make it a little more fitted

The hem also got the bias tape treatment, but I decided to go fancy and use one of the special stitches on my machine to make it prettier.  Except I still couldn't sew exactly straight...but it's for an active little girl, I'm sure she won't hold still long enough for anyone to closely examine it.  ;)

I don't know what you are seeing, but that's TOTALLY must have been the way it was laying that makes it look crooked...yes, that's it.
Overall, a good pattern that I wouldn't mind making again!

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