Monday, April 10, 2017

Neon Characters Sandra Saddlebag

Now that I've conquered my fears of sewing with knit fabric, I decided to go for broke and combine it with glitter vinyl!  The Disney inspired fabric is a custom knit from The Little Hatcher and I was fortunate enough to be picked to play with it to help her show it off!  She needed a quick turn around since the fabric is already available for retail, so that meant picking a super fast pattern.  I chose the Sandra Saddlebag by Swoon, one I used before on my mermaid purse, and I exactly followed the pattern this time, no changes to the snaps or pockets!  It feels very pocket-lite to me, but the inside not having any pockets means that whatever you stick in there will just glide in.
All the great characters, no princesses but just about everyone else!

Deciding on a lining fabric and glitter vinyl was not easy, I had several vinyl that *almost* matched, but the purple is the same shade as the Cheshire cat, so I went with that.  The lining is something from my stash that also was amazingly a perfect match...I do love purples, so it's not really THAT surprising I had some in my stash with no plans for it. ;)

Back of the purse
Since I was using knit, I made sure to cut enough SF101 for every piece of fabric, even if it didn't call for it in the pattern.

I tried to get all the characters on the purse, but I only had a fat half of fabric and no time to plan out every fussy cut
I was able to cut both body pieces, 1 slip pocket piece, and both flap pieces out of a fat half of fabric, with some left over!  This is a smallish-medium sized purse, big enough to hold a water bottle and a few other things, but still small enough that you don't feel like you are carrying a horse on your shoulder.
Front slip pocket
I love all the characters being tossed on this fabric, and it's actually not linty at all, my camera just picks up the weave of the fabric and makes it look that way!  I was finally able to use my rainbow zipper and pulls I ordered from Sew Da Kine, they are so pretty and the crazy colors match the various colors in the fabric!

I'm still not 100% sold on the sticking up flap closure for the magnet, but it is unique!  We've had a lot more humidity lately, which means that the vinyl was grabbing my machine body and not gliding as smoothly as usual.  I decided to skip the topstitching on the gussets just to make sure I didn't screw it up at the very end!
Photographing glitter vinyl is nearly impossible...this was as good as it got!

(Purse is currently available for sale, $65+shipping)

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