Monday, June 5, 2017

More Yarn Pooling Fun!

~~Sometimes, you forget what you're doing and then months later you run across a blog post you wrote up and never hit publish you finally get to see the rest of my attempts at color pooling! And, unfortunately, they haven't really progressed in the mean time, so nothing new to add..~~

After I finished my first pooling project, I couldn't wait to start another one!  This time I did the 'chain through all the colors, then moss stitch through the colors again and take some out' method, which I finally got to work, but it took a lot of frogging and retrying...

The yarn is Red Heart With Love in Delightful

The finished piece is really too short for a scarf or cowl, so maybe it will become a clutch?  It looks long in this picture, but it's just not quite the right length. (I could make 3 more and have some awesome Capri leggings...) I might just get some solid color and make a border, that sounds easier than trying to match up the pattern and continue on.  ;)
I didn't think the pattern was working as nicely as previous I ripped this one totally out and started again

After that, I went on to try Red Heart With Love in Lemon Drop.  It's working...sort-of...  The pattern isn't as thick as the first 2, but I could just be doing something wrong.  This one has been the trickiest of the ones I've tried and I'm the least happy with the finished pattern.  I started it with the 'magic number' but it was just not working right.  Finally I gave up and went to the chain through all the colors and moss stitch back method, but that still wasn't working perfect.  I did make the guy sitting next to me on the airplane chuckle because I ripped it out 3 times in a 1 1/2 hour flight...It's in time out right now, while I finish up some other projects, but I WILL finish it!
This is my 'stretched out on a plane' picture when I had a whole row to myself
At this point, I've restarted it about 6 times, and this is how it is going to stay even though the pattern is a bit wonky...
Instead of finishing the lemon drop, I decided to try yet another yarn...this is the Big Twist from Joann's (maybe steel denim? label ran off...).  It is supposed to work, but so far it's not going for me!  I went with the magic number and hook that others have gotten to work, but it's giving me more of a diagonal strip effect and not a very good 'pool' to it.
2nd attempt at this one...still not pooling...try again
I was hoping to make it a thinner scarf, but looks like I'll need to go thick again to get the pool!

There are a ton of yarns that should work, but some of them are going to take a LOT of playing and adjusting to get it to work.  I found on the Red Heart website a list of the 'should work' yarns they sell...I don't own all of them, but I think I have quite a few!  There are also links to other methods and patterns there, be sure to check them out!

E300 Super Saver
  • 301 Mirage
  • 392 Wedgewood
  • 3934 Day Glow
  • 3943 Americana
  • 3947 Bright Mix
  • 3949 Reef
  • 3952 Icelandic
  • 3955 Wildflower
  • 3958 Antique
  • 3985 Sunrise
  • 906 Heartfelt
  • 928 Earth & Sky
  • 932 Zebra
  • 938 Stars & Stripes
  • 940 Plum Pudding
  • 950 Mexicana
  • 961 Woodsy
  • 972 Pink Camo
  • 979 Mistletoe
  • 981 Fall
  • 984 Shaded Dusk
  • 988 Platoon
  • 995 Ocean
  • 996 French Country
E400 With Love
  • 1816 Waterlily
  • 1933 Echo
  • 1934 Autumn
  • 1938 Beachy
  • 1942 Plum Jam
  • 1944 Fruit Punch
  • 1948 Lavender Ivy
  • 1957 Lemon Drop
  • 1968 Delightful

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