Thursday, December 18, 2014

UFO/WIP Wednesday - Christmas Rush!

Guess what, only a week until Christmas!!  It's crunch time!  (Did that panic you as much as it panicked me?  I need to sit down for a minute so I don't hyperventilate.  Ok, much better.)

WIP for this week - EVERYTHING.  Almost anyway.  I'm eyebrows deep in Christmas cards, cookies, flannel blankets, embroidered tin toys, and anything else I can try to get finished in time.

Here's last year's Christmas card, which I think I sent out before least before New Year's!

UFO - No time to dig for one this week, or next unless I happen to find one in my scramble for supplies!


Diaper Bag - FINISHED!!!  Look for a post dedicated JUST to the giant diaper bag of awesomeness.  Soon-ish.  After Christmas, when I am able to sleep a bit more.  Like maybe 6 whole hours.

Olaf towel...yeah, not going to lie, I can't even find it anymore.  It's buried back at the bottom of the pile.  LOL!!  (I promise, after Christmas!!)

Ok, back to the crazy pre-Christmas rush!  (and yes, this is a day late because that's how my week is going!!)

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