Friday, December 26, 2014

We Survived!! or, After Holiday Rejoicing.

I hope everyone had a great holiday season, no matter what you celebrated.  By the time Christmas evening rolls around, I find myself glad to have made it to the other side of the presents and in no mood to touch anything remotely craft or cookie related.  The day after is spent doing nothing other than playing with new toys and eating leftovers.  Did I get everything finished?  Heck no!  Can I live with what I DID get finished? Sure thing!  Have I already vowed to start MUCH earlier on Christmas gifts next year? Yep!  Will I actually start early?  Heh, probably not.

(One of the gifts I made on Christmas Eve - Hooped embroidered rose with iridescent thread that almost drove me crazy)

I'm sure some more pictures of presents will show up here soon, I haven't actually finished giving them all out!  There were several embroidered hoops, a diaper bag, doll blanket, and some more play tins.

After Christmas is sort of a slow time for most people, but I have a birthday party for one of my awesome kids in just 15 days, then a Sew-Along for the Sugar and Spice purse by ChrisW designs.  If anyone is interested in joining in, you can get the Sugar and Spice pattern here and join the FaceBook group here.  It will run for a month (starting probably the 12th of January and finishing about February 12th) and anyone that follows along and makes a bag can enter to win some loot!  A sew-along is a great way to get help if you are hesitant to try a pattern, everyone will be doing it at the same time and usually there is someone that can help if you get stuck.  This will be my second time making the purse, and I can't wait to use some of my hoarded fabrics!  If you want to see the first one I made, check it out here!

Next week I think I'll make some resolutions...the usual and some sewing ones too.  In the mean time, my embroidery machine is calling to me, so I'd better get back to the headband I have running!

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