Wednesday, December 10, 2014

UFO/WIP Wednesday

No, I haven't been abducted by aliens, UFO in crafter terms is "UnFinished Object" and WIP is Work In Progress.  But it IS fun to say "I have several UFOs in my house."  In an effort to motivate myself, I'm going to try to drag out at least one project every Wednesday and post pictures of where I'm at.  Some will be stuff I'm currently working on, others will be long lost projects I found at the bottom of a pile while looking for something else.  Hopefully I will either decide to finish them, or donate them to someone who will...or just hide them back at the bottom of the pile.

First up, my current WIP - a purse/diaper bag (not really a surprise there!)  Need to have this finished by the weekend so I can mail it off!

(The two outside panels, in various levels of 'finished'

The UFO that I found while looking for some interfacing - An Olaf hooded towel.  I have the face embroidered on, the towels bought, all I have to do is cut the hood and sew it on, it will probably take me an hour or less...but it's been unfinished since this summer!!
(Look at that cute face!)
I hope this will motivate me to finish more of the projects that lost my interest, I really need the space they are taking up!  I'd love to hear about any projects you are procrastinating on!

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