Monday, August 17, 2015

Pick A Pocket Sew Along - Week 2!

I am finally getting started, but Christine and Ellen have finished ALL the steps over on the ChrisW Designs Blog!  Don't worry if you aren't very far, this wallet goes together nicely once you have the pieces cut!  Or you can be a little crazy and cut 2 at once!  That way if you mess up, you REALLY mess up!  Not that I have...yet....

I used a frixon pen to write on the pieces what they were...and then waited until they cooled after fusing the interfacing to write it again.  Heat disappearing ink is not a good idea when you need to iron!  I thought about throwing them in the freezer...

Since I decided to go crazy, I'm doing one for my 'customer' (who happens to be 6 and calls me Mom) and an extra for the Etsy shop with some of my lovely Doctor Who fabric...  the 'customer' wanted 2 zippered pockets, so it looks like I'll be doing both styles after all!

I was required to have Joy on the outside, that's her favorite!
Here are the steps to follow along on Christine's blog:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
And don't forget to join us in the FaceBook group!

So far I have all the pieces cut, all the interfacing cut, and most of the interfacing attached.  Now to make my card pocket template, and get sewing!

Tardis outside and blue crazy pattern inside.  It was so much fun to try to line up the edges of each design to cut.

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