Wednesday, August 5, 2015

WIP Wednesday - UFO Challenge Week 1

I received a lot of good feedback on the UFO challenge - I'm not the only person that has a stash of unfinished projects!  I picked out my first 2 to finish, some princess and Elsa inspired loveys!  All they need is arms, one needs hair, and then sewn together.  I think I dropped them because the thick yarn doesn't make good sleeves, and the thin is pretty but kept breaking on me!  I WILL finish them!

Disembodied heads are only slightly creepy...

For the challenge, if you want, post what you are going to be working on this month!  Send me a picture of your 'before' and finished and I will share it as we go along.  Let's see how many we can get finished!


Sewing - Working on a quilt finally!  The pattern is a freebie by Tula Pink, Sedimental.  I am using The Color Collection by Modern Theory, but it should look good when I finish!

Strips are cut, and  I started sewing them together.  Loving these colors!
Crochet - Shark Tail is going to take a break while I work on the loveys, but then it goes back to the front of the line!


Of course the Loveys, but if I can find them, the crayon rolls will FINALLY get sewn!

Finishes for the week

I had a request for Peanuts snap tabs, these are what I found through the help of my Internet savvy friends... I can't capture how cool the Snoopy is with the glittery blue background!  Maybe taking pictures in daylight will help... and they still need snaps, but one thing at a time.  ;)

I also received supplies to make more hair combs, so I'd better start listing them in the Etsy shop very soon!
I only have 144 of these, hope that's enough!

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