Wednesday, August 12, 2015

WIP Wednesday - UFO Challenge, Pick A Pocket Sew Along and Quilting

My UFO challenge is still staring at me every time I sit on the couch, but no progress has been made...I will get those loveys done!  I hope you are doing better than I am!

Pick A Pocket sew along is ongoing...I'm trying to get my quilt top finished so I have room to work before I start, but the second post is up on Christine's blog with the next set of instructions!  Go check them out if you are ready to move on!  Part 2
That is one of 29 very long strips...and nearly impossible to get a picture of all the colors at once...

Quilt - almost have all the strips ready to sew together!  Just need one more set of ends and then layout and sewing strips.  That will probably take me at least the next 2 nights, unless my sewing dramatically speeds up...

Sewing Plan:

Finish Quilt top
Iron fabric, cut and fuse pieces for Pick A Pocket Wallet
Start sewing pick a pocket, remember to take pictures
Finish PaP wallet
Decide on borders/backing/binding for quilt
Quilt the quilt
Crayon Rolls for Etsy shop and craft shows - at least 10 - minions, princesses, super heroes, star wars, inside out leftovers, hello kitty...
Nora Purse (Swoon Pattern - either Doctor Who fabric or possibly some pretty Amy Butler florals)
Zippered case - Tula Pink fabrics, star wars or princesses, waiting for zippers to come in.

Crochet Plan:

Finish Elsa lovey
Finish princess lovey
Finish shark tail blanket

That should get me through the end of the month...Or the year.  ;)

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