Monday, August 21, 2017

Fiona's Freeway Sew Along - Stage 2

Hopefully by now you have your pieces cut out and are ready to jump in!  If not, what are you waiting for?  You can work at your own pace, but if you finish by the end of the sew along, you can enter to win a free pattern!  Every finished Fiona is an entry!
If you use directional fabric, make sure it's going the 'right' direction!  Owls will be the inside

First up is the straps!  Getting these out of the way is nice since I don't find them as fun to sew as the rest of the purse and I've been known to procrastinate on finishing straps when I have everything else finished and sitting on a shelf (**coughcough-Epiphany and Ellen's Esplanade-coughcough**)

There are instructions for both fabric and cork/vinyl straps, so make sure you are following the right ones!  Also, recent experience has taught me to make sure I cut my vinyl straps straight with the grain and take my time sewing...And that I am not that great at making vinyl straps especially if the vinyl is super soft and squishy and grabs my teflon foot.

After you get the straps, tabs, pull straps (if you are doing the grommet version) and flap done, time to move on to the outside trim!  If you are using vinyl and can't pin, try a small amount of fabri-tac glue to hold it in place.  Don't get it too close to the edges (goops out!) and do a very thin layer to keep it from leaving bumps in the vinyl.  Double stick wash away tape also works great!

Wednesday we'll work on the zipper pocket, finishing the outside, and  starting the inside!

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