Thursday, August 31, 2017

Fast and Easy - Brownie Wallet from XOXO by Lauren

One of the new designers that I'm following is XOXO by Lauren.  The first pattern I did of hers was the Boon Wallet, and when she asked for testers for another quick pattern, I jumped at the chance!  This wallet took about 1 episode of Super Girl (would have been less, but I hadn't seen the episode yet and kept getting distracted).  I made mine with some wine colored cork and it probably took me longer to pick my materials than to actually make it!
Effervescent fabric gives a fun accent

The Brownie Wallet has 6 card slots and uses fold over elastic to secure it.  A pop of fabric would be perfect to allow for pretty much anything on it, and it can easily be made with vinyl, leather, cork, craft tex, or any other 'non-fraying' material.  I think the next one I make will need a cash pocket, but I need to think about how I want to do that.
Cards fit fully in the pockets, nice and snug!
I'm really in love with cork fabric goes through my machine so much smoother than vinyl!
Back shows off more of the fun cork!  Could even feature embroidery...hmmm....
The card pockets aren't lined, but that is the fun of using this material, it has a sort of fuzzy backing and doesn't really NEED lining!  The fabric accent may eventually fray, but a quick line of Fray Check should slow it down.  I think in vinyl this would be a very inexpensive sew, but the cork is probably as expensive as leather!  It feels amazing tho, so I just want to pet it all day.

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