Monday, September 4, 2017

Southwest Clematis - Swap Time!

I love joining sewing swaps, it gives me a deadline I have to rush to meet (I'm a slight procrastinator, in case you hadn't noticed), panic over picking the 'right' fabric, relief when I send it off, and then joy when I get my gift!  Being a glutton for punishment, I always seem to pick the swap going on right when I'm neck deep in orders...but that just adds to the excitement!

This swap is for the Clematis by Blue Calla, a free pattern that is both fast and adorable!  The first one I made was also for a swap, and I received an amazing one in return so of course I wanted to do another swap!  This time my partner's request was for 'southwest' and a cross body strap.  Oddly enough, I had nothing in my stash that really said 'southwest' so I had to go shopping!  What are the odds that my stash fails me??  (ok, I did have one set that might have worked...but it would have been a stretch...)  A quick trip to Hobby Lobby saved my bacon and I found something to fit the bill!
The horses were a fun touch for the lining
I thought about going with turquoise glitter vinyl, but it wasn't the right shade...fortunately the dark brown glitter vinyl worked great!  After posting an in progress picture and the recipient posting that she had used the combo before (it's a secret one, so she didn't know!) I almost scrapped it but I was running out of time!  Instead I lucked out and found a neat bit of bling at the local leather shop to dress it up!
Chicago screw attachment meant I didn't have to worry about screwing up a rivet!

Another request was for a cross body strap, which was an easy thing to figure out (with the help of the other swap members that did it already!).  Next time I might try the inside pocket modifications, but I was just going for speed this time.  If I had planned better, I might have found a perfect embroidery pattern, but with everything else I was trying to get out, I'm just glad I had it finished (nearly) on time!  Next time, start right away!
I like the circle connectors, the D-rings always seem to slide around
I also received my own swap one - totally adorable in some Tula Pink Slow and Steady and fun glitter vinyl!  It worked perfect for carrying a 3DS and the games to go with it to a doctor's appointment, but has now been claimed by a child...I'll have to make her one of her own so I can get mine back!
Lots of fun extras!

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