Monday, September 25, 2017

Disney Style Ellen's Esplanade

I love making custom purses, but when a customer sends me their 'special' fabrics, I only have a small panic attack that I'm going to irreparably screw it up...and that doesn't go away until the last stitch is sewn!  Due to a slight miscommunication, I ended only getting a small piece of the interior fabric, but fortunately the custom printed cotton lycra fabrics are usually wider than normal quilting fabrics and I had enough to make it work!

Parks from Hapa Fabric

Funny faces from Backstitch Fabric
Huge side pockets on each end!

This Ellen's Esplanade (ChrisW Designs) is going to be used as a diaper bag, but the fabric is cute enough to use as a 'real' purse if you love Disney!

I think the buckle gives it a pirate feel...
My challenge for this purse was using almost all stretchy custom printed fabric!  I did use some coordinating black and white polka dot woven fabric for the inside of pockets and where it wouldn't be seen as much.  Even the strap is stretchy fabric, which I interfaced with an extra layer of SF101.  Of course all that extra interfacing, plus some thicker fabric means that my normal strap hardware didn't fit.  I tried hammering the strap ends, setting it under my sewing machine to flatten (The Doctor weighs almost 25 pounds!), and then forcing it through the adjuster with sheer willpower, but none of that worked!  I finally broke down and ordered some bigger hardware online and had to wait for it to arrive to finish.  And then, when it still wasn't big enough, finally hit up my local leather shop where the lady working was able to take a piece off a buckle and THAT finally was big enough!
Rainbow zipper AND handmade pulls are perfect for the fabric!
The rainbow zipper came from Sew Da Kine and the handmade pull came from Emmaline Bags, two of my favorite suppliers!

The fabrics are printed glitter from Pink Zeppelin, Disney Parks from Hapa, and Funny Faces from Backstitch Fabrics.  Good luck finding any of them tho, these came from buy/sell/trade finds and the longer they are out of print, the higher the price seems to go!  (more collectible than beanie babies!)

I love the Funny Faces peeking out at you every time the purse is opened, it would definitely make me smile every time I opened it!

This was also my first time adding in a 'key keeper' strap, which is super handy and very easy to make! I should add these into more purses!

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