Friday, January 20, 2017

Space - Boon Wallet from XOXO Lauren

I'm always on the lookout for new patterns and designers to try out, and I stumbled across this one in my many hours on FaceBook...It's a very fast and easy pattern, with just enough features to make it interesting!  The Boon pattern goes together very quickly and will be a great stash buster and table filler!
Even more shiny and glittery in person!
My 7 year old decided that she is not into characters anymore, so she claimed the first wallet.  Her favorite color is 'peacock' so that means teals and blues (as far as I can figure out).  She picked out all the fabrics and the glitter vinyl, so I think she might have a future as a fashionista!  The inside blue is one that she saw me using on my sedimental quilt and decided she needed some of her own, for a future project...such as this one!
Card slots are pretty straight...but I started in the wrong direction for my folding and didn't realize it until it was all together and I had a 'baby' pocket...but it still holds cards!
The glitter vinyl is so pretty in person and almost impossible to photograph!
Back has nice detailing!

The 'space' looking fabric has a gold metallic splash on it, making the wallet even more sparkly!

 I have a feeling that she's going to want a new purse to match soon since her last one was a Frozen Serendipity Hip...and that's not cool enough for a second grader!  :D

Magnetic closure
The wallet is actually a nice rectangle, but the glitter vinyl has a bit of 'puff' to it and that made the empty wallet look a little wonky in the pictures.  With some cards, cash, or a phone inside, it should settle down!

Good sized when open!
The wallet has 9 card slots, a zippered pocket, and 2 slip pockets that *almost* fit dollars flat inside.  I think with a little use it will slightly stretch and they will go in perfect.  My Samsung Galaxy 7 in a somewhat bulky case even fits in the slip pockets and it closes!  The card slots are nice and tight, no accidental slipping there! The flap is also a great size for embroidery....I just need more hours in the day to craft up my ideas!


  1. Such pretty colors! I am trying to teach myself to sew. Going to go check out this pattern! Thanks :)
    Alexandra of

    1. Sewing is lots of fun, just be patient and read instructions several times if you are new to sewing! The most important part is to cut pieces evenly and work on keeping your seam allowance the same, especially for wallets! Purses are a little less exact, and there are a lot of great free patterns you can try out! This is definitely one of the easier wallet patterns I've made though!

  2. Would you please share the names of the 2 fabrics, and where you purchased them? The vinyl looks like the Mirror Glitter Vinyl from MikriWorld.But, would love to make sure.

    1. Both the fabric and glitter vinyl came from The fabric is Shimmer by Timeless Treasures Fabric and the vinyl is Ocean (pretty sure).


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