Thursday, January 26, 2017

WIP Wednesday/Thursday - Insanity Abounds

I signed up for a fun swap in the Blue Calla Sewing Group on Facebook, and instead of picking one pattern and making it, I decided to try to mass produce the purse in a bunch of fun fabrics! The pattern is the Magnolia Mini Messenger, but I think it's perfect sized to carry everyday!
Stormtrooper will have vinyl and Ariel will be all fabric

Bags 1 and 2 will be Storm Trooper and Ariel, 3 will be the actual swap bag using Tula Pink fabric, and 4 will be another Tula Pink one, in case I decide I like it better than the swap one... Did I mention the swap bag has to be in the mail in 20 days? That's plenty of time!  I'm hoping to try out a few different interfacing methods to see how I like it the best...the pattern only calls for shape flex, which would give it a nice soft finish, but sometimes I like the stiffness of foam!
I'm pretty sure this will be the actual swap bag....

I love the Tula Pink Trees of Life fabric!
Not much else has been in progress this week, other than some adorable finger puppets and other random Etsy orders...  Of course I had to catch the cold going around at work, but I don't have time to get sick!
All the texture is done with the stitching, takes a while but looks amazing! From Ohana Applique Designs

Current Projects:

  • Stuffed slime for birthday party - stitching a few more, then stuffing and sewing shut...
  • Magnolia messenger bags (4)
  • Dachshund Pick A Pocket Wallet

Next Projects: (orders and using up fabric)

  • Game of Thrones Rosie Purse (changed to super fandom Sydney)
  • Floral Wars Cross-over shirt for me - hope to get pics soon!
  • Rebel Girls shirt or leggings (Or cardigan...)
  • Handkerchief Purse
  • SuperWhoLock purse (matching mine) - waiting for the fabric and hardware to come in!

UFO list:  

Fast finishes (hopefully)

  1. Hoods on towels (2)
  2. Epiphany purse - topstitching and handles
  3. Crayon Rolls - precut and ready to be sewn
  4. Buttons on cowls
  5. Several random crochet hats that need ends woven in/buttons attached
  6. Replace stripped screws on Alice in Wonderland Daryl's Drive - GOAL FOR THIS WEEK!
  7. Embroidered Fox pillow cover - just needs the back cut and sewn!

 Ready to go, but will take a bit more effort projects:

  1. Doctor Who Pick a Pocket - all the pieces are cut, just needs finished!
  2. Goldfish Lovey - fish is made, bowl is mostly made, needs put together
  3. Dragon Lovey - pieces and the blanket done
  4. Wisteria Wallets - 2 cut and ready to be assembled 
  5. Bella II in Tula Pink Foxfield - outside is done, inside is cut and waiting for me to finish
  6. Sea turtle crochet lovey
  7. Crochet Worgen 
  8. Alice in Wonderland Bonnie 
  9. Tulip pouches - have some cut out (pattern)
  10. Crochet Giraffe photographer  

Want to make - list:

  1. Legendary Quilt pattern pillow
  2. Pokemon quilts with custom fabric
  3. Cork purse (I have a stash I'm afraid to cut, but it's so pretty!)
  4. Shirts for myself using the custom knit (Harry Potter Ugly sweater fabric)
  5. Shirts/pants/leggings for my kids with the custom knits
  6. Purses with the custom knits (need to research the best way to stabilize) 
  7. Embroidered kitchen towels
  8. Peeker hooded towels  
  9. Giant vintage star quilts - Star Wars and Princesses

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