Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Springs Creative Ambassador Project - Dreamworks Trolls!

I love the character fabrics, and it seems like Springs Creative Brand is coming out with some really fun ones!  When I got the chance to work with their new Troll fabric, I jumped on it!  I tried to think of something fun and kid-oriented to make and I needed to get the project done ASAP, so it had to be something quick!
Love the beautiful pictures they take of my stuff!

My first project was making an infinity cowl out of the 1 yard of flannel that I received.  I just cut the fabric in half the long way (so it was 1 yard long x 1/2 WOF) then serged one short end together to make a piece that was 2 yards long.  After that I folded it right sides together so the long sides matched up, serged along the long side and then turned my tube right side out.  Putting the fabric together so that it wasn't twisted and the raw edges lined up, I serged one more seam, then I went to my sewing machine and created a french seam to hide the serger end.  A super fast and fun project!  (If there's enough interest, I can make a tutorial later!)
Late night pretty fabric picture!
Springs Creative also sent me some woven fabric, with sparkles!  I've been planning on trying a baby doll sized blanket for a long time, but I really wanted to make it more interesting than just 2 pieces of fabric sewn together.  I turned the fabric into half-square triangles that finished at 12.5" each and sewed 4 together to make a big pinwheel pattern.  The backing I left extra big, so that after quilting there was extra on all the sides.  I cut the batting to line up with the top of the quilt, and then cut the back fabric 2" wider than the front.  Following a tutorial on self-binding quilts was really helpful, and I just machine stitched it down!  Another fast project!

Close up of a corner, squared up as best as I could
Fold backing in half to the edge of the quilt
Fold backing over the edge.  Folding the corner takes a little magic...
Centers even mostly line up!
I can't wait for the next fun fabric I get to play with (Hint:  It will probably be something Disney related!)

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