Monday, January 30, 2017

Pretty Pony Emma by ChrisW Designs

The Emma pattern has been very popular with little girls, so when Christine updated it, I was excited to try the new version!  The updated pattern is a little bigger than the original and also includes a fun flap option!
Next time, lighter background will probably make the pink of the horses look truer...

The little girl that this purse is for LOVES horses, so we had to find the perfect fabric.  This one is an out of print fabric, so finding it at a decent price was a bit of a challenge, but Etsy came through for us!  The heart twist lock was a perfect fit (good thing, I'm out of regular twist locks!).

Inside I used some of my sparkly pink fabric, which matches the pink on the outer fabric perfectly!
I added a little extra pink glitter vinyl around the twist lock base, gave it a nice little touch of shine and fixed my seam ripper attack!
The inside has one zippered pocket, and one slip pocket, still plenty of places to stash your treasures!

Even with the flap, still a fast sew!  I'm all out of these purses ready made, so I think it's time to put them on the Etsy stock list, for when I have spare time and no projects clamoring for attention!  (Which is not this month.  Or next month.  Maybe March, since isn't looking too busy so far...)
Back of the purse - could easily add a slip pocket on!

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