Monday, January 26, 2015

Sugar & Spice Sew along - Halfway week! (Week 3)

I hope you are progressing along on the sewing, if not, get to it!  You still have time to join in and win fabulous prizes!  (Like a code for a free ChrisW pattern!! - 2 a week!)

This weekend was pretty productive for me, and I only screwed up once!  My bag outside is 95% done - I forgot to put the rivets on, oops!  I have them marked and ready to go, so that will be the first step for this week.
(outside pockets ready to attach!)

Piping is on, pockets are on, bottom straps are on, sides are together, base is on, and it even stands up!  If I remember, I may even add bag feet (if I have any on hand), but it doesn't NEED them.

Next up, zipper pieces (and finding my zipper since they ALL wandered off, grrrrr!), then the inside, putting it all together, attaching the straps, and DONE! I can see the finish line almost!

(Extra strap bottom for cross-body strap attachment)
I decided to add the cross body strap, so I put extra bottom connectors on the side seams.  When it is all together, it should look something like this:

(Short handles with cross-body strap being held in place with my clips to make sure it won't look weird.  Not attached yet!)
Be sure to share your progress pictures in the ChrisW design group! Some of the members are just starting, and others are on their second or third!

This week you should finish up the last parts of the outside, then get started on the lining!  I was planning on an inside zippered pocket, but only if I can find those zippers!

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