Wednesday, January 28, 2015

WIP Wednesday - More Sugar & Spice! Plus Riveting tips

I will get this bag finished!  I'm actually taking my time sewing and not rushing for once.

This week I have the rivets to install, and then to start on the lining! 
(Look, it stands up!!)

Riveting tips:

Use something to punch the hole that will go all the way through and not leave little scraggly edges.  I use a leather punch that I acquired from my husband's leather working tub.  He hasn't come looking for it, so I call dibs!

If you want to fray check the edges for added security, a little goes a long way!  Sometimes fray check will leave a discolored area, so try not to go too crazy!  Just put it barely around the cut hole and try to keep it to a very small amount since it has a tendency to spread into the fabric.

Make sure you are straight on when you hit the rivet.  If you can, pad the front of the rivet a little to keep it from getting scratched by the surface or round piece that holds it (I'm sure it has a technical name...but I don't know what it is!)  If you use jeweled rivets or fancy ones, be sure to use some foam to keep them from breaking.  I found an old foam mat that I never used and that is now my destroyable mat.  The gem rivets left deep holes!
(Hammer, rivet setter and stone for pounding on.  Also doubles as stone for stubbing toes on)

UFO - Still working on a lovey for a baby shower gift.  I've only got one more week, so I'd better finish it up!!

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