Wednesday, May 6, 2015

WIP Wednesday - Serendipity Hip Sew Along - Week 2

If you are following along, this is the week to start sewing!  This step should go pretty smoothly since this is a great and detailed pattern, but if you run into trouble, be sure to check in on the FaceBook group!  If you get on a roll and don't want to stop, go ahead and finish!  We only have 12 more days for the sew along, but that is plenty of time!
(One more shot of the fun fabric)

Don't forget, there will be random winners drawn during the sew along, so even sharing your progress, commenting on other participants posts, and generally being active will enter you in the drawing!

I'm almost ready to start sewing, I decided to try a trick I read about, fusing interfacing to the fabric before  I cut out the pieces. It did seem to speed it up and there was really not much more waste of interfacing.  When I finished cutting, I just pulled the scraps off and then I could re-iron them onto another spot.  I'm curious to see if the glue holds up though.  The best part is that my interfacing and fabric are now lined up perfectly.  Sometimes when I cut them separate, something shifts and they don't line up exactly when I go to fuse them together.  Now they are either both right or both wrong...which could be good or bad.
(I only added interfacing to the good area of the fabric, which meant avoiding the selvages)
(All those pieces already cut and fused, in about an hour!  It took me that long because I was watching a movie and didn't have a lot of space to figure out just how much interfacing I should be ironing on, so I kept having to add more)

Tonight will see me finishing up the cutting - I just have the fusible fleece, one lining side, and the inside card pockets left to cut, then I can get started on my sewing.  I probably won't have time to sit down and really sew it all until Friday, but I remember this purse being a pretty fast sew, so I have high hopes of actually finishing it this weekend! 

And just's my sewing helper.  He likes to keep my feet warm while I'm ironing, sleep under my chair while I'm sewing, trip me when I get up, and run off with pieces I drop.  So helpful!
(Rocket - actually I was eating a donut and taking pictures, that's why he's staring at me so intently)
No other WIP/UFO update this week, this purse sew along is pretty much taking all my time!  I did finish the concealed carry purse, so look for pictures and a post about that soon!

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