Wednesday, May 27, 2015

WIP Wednesday - End of May

This week's WIPs are all over the place - Finishing up a pattern test, snaps on an order of geeky key chains, presents from last month (oops!), random things for next month's craft fairs...


Snap tabs need snaps, some more need cut out...



Finish pattern test, about half way finished!

Add side tabs and a shoulder strap to the necessary clutch wallet I finished last week.  I got it finished in time to give on the birthday, with the understanding I could finish up those touches later.  She loved it, so YAY!!

Matching zippered pouch for a little girl to match the big girl's NCW. - hopefully this will be fast and easy!

Crayon rolls....these have been cut and waiting since before Christmas.  Really need to finish these up!


Random things I'm working on - tutu needs tulle, dolls need heads, arms, capes, baby hats...

Listing things out helps keep me on track, but it would really help if I stopped accepting more orders!  That's not going to happen tho, I need to keep using up my supplies! ;)

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