Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Doctor Who/Alice in Wonderland Concealed Carry Purse

I love making custom purses, everything from picking just the right fabric for the customer and choosing a pattern, to designing the pockets and embellishments, but this was a first for me, a concealed carry purse.  I'm too clumsy to carry a weapon around (I once injured myself trying to get a multi-tool out of the package...)  so I have no actual experience in the world of  concealed carry purses.  The recipient of the purse LOVES Doctor Who and when I showed her the awesome Spoon Flower fabrics by Karen Hallion, she fell in love with this fabric.  If it weren't so expensive, I'd probably own at least a yard of each of the fabrics, and just pet them. 

(Finished purse front!)

(Bag bling from Emmaline Bags!)

(End shot, with slip pocket)

(Strap featuring Alice)

I'm not sure I can call this a true concealed carry purse, it has a discrete (not totally hidden) pocket that is accessible from both sides and will fit a small holstered hand gun inside.  At least I hope it does, I didn't have one to test it with!  I used invisible zippers and those were the bane of my existence.  Normally they are used for joining 2 sides of fabric together, usually on a straight area or slight curve, like a skirt.  ...Not usually used to create a pocket on a right angle, but I wrestled them into submission.  And got lots of use out of my seam ripper.  Lots. LOTS.  It's a good thing my seam ripper is ergonomic... 
(Closed zipper, blends in nicely with the base color)

(Open. So exciting)
(The other end of the bag with the second zipper)
(You can almost see daylight through the 2 zippers)
Since weapons are not lightweight, we went minimal on the pockets and for a small-ish size.  It is still a good size, around 11"x5"x13".  Outside has 2 slip pockets for things like keys and phones.  Inside has a divided slip pocket on one side, and the other side has 5 pen slots and a snap closed gusset pocket that can hold a small magazine. (I hope anyway, again nothing to test it with!)
(Slip Pockets)
(Other side.  My camera didn't want to focus and I didn't realize until after I already sent the purse off)
(Tardis snap!)

I'm excited to hear how this is working for her, and once I get some feedback, I'll be willing to try another one, probably.  ;)  In the mean time I'd love an excuse to buy more pretty fabric if anyone wants a custom Doctor Who purse. *hint hint* :D


  1. Great job!! Has the recipient tried it with her gun yet?

  2. I absolutely have, and it works fantastically well! The pocket is lined so that my gun doesn't map on the outside (big plus!) and I'm able to carry any handgun in my house, including my husbands bigger Glock if I want to (and can sneak it aya from him lol) The magazine pocket is big enough to fit my high capacity Glock magazine for my Glock 19, and my smaller Khar and S&W mags don't get lost in it. I love all the pockets, and the attention to detail. It so nice to finally have a concealed carry bag that fits my personality, and the extra plus is that its so delightfully nerdy no one will ever suspect its a CC bag! Thank you again for it!!!

    1. I'm so glad it is working out for you! I had so much fun making this purse and can't wait to hear how it holds up!

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    1. You can contact me directly at tigerinatornado@gmail.com or through the etsy shop. https://www.etsy.com/shop/JustPlainSweet

  4. This is so cute! Love the fabric you chose. I believe that in itself is an art form. Is the handbag pattern your creation also? Love it!!!

    1. Thanks so much!! This was a pattern I created myself, based on what the customer needed in a purse. It is so much fun to have exactly the features you want in a purse, which is one of the main reasons I started making my own.


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