Wednesday, July 15, 2015

WIP Wednesday - Party Time!

My youngest is having a birthday party this weekend, and she changed her theme from "Steven Universe" to "Mermaid" which actually makes it MUCH easier for me!!  There really isn't much "Steven Universe" to be found anywhere and while I am creative, I was not looking forward to figuring out what we could do that would in some way relate to that show!

Since this was a last minute change, I am now trying to churn out some more of the little doodles for party favors - mermaids and pirates - along with a few other things for those that don't really care for 'people' coloring.  I can do at least 15 by the end of the week, right??
For now it makes a cozy hat for my sewing machine

Along with the doodles, I'm STILL working on the Tula Pink purse, so close to being finished!  And I have a request for a mermaid tail BEFORE the party, along with a new dress, mermaid shell top, and more hair clips/bows.  I've obviously been wasting those 6 hours I'm sleeping at night, so that's got to stop!  ;)

WIP for the week:

Finally finish the Tula Pink Purse (I'm so close!)
Embroider more Doodles, stuff and hand sew shut (or find a young volunteer that is bored to recruit to stuff.  It's not child labor if you don't pay them, right?)
Sew up the easy dress.
Make a mermaid tail

I'm not even going to think about UFO's for this week...or crochet...


Uh.... hmm.  Stuff.  Lots of stuff.  Oh right, a swap gift due by the end of the month, I think I know what I'm going to make.  Tutorial for chalkboard zipper cases.  Purses to stock in the etsy shop.  2 quilts I now decided I want to make just because I'm suddenly in a quilty mood.  It's a thing, don't judge me.


I did already get some stuff finished, and even listed in the etsy shop!  Check out the new snap tabs, they are super cute!


Sparkly leaf!

Could also double as a dinosaur egg for those that don't know Yoshi...

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