Thursday, July 9, 2015

WIP Wednesday - Vinyl and Tula Pink

This week I'm working on a Swoon purse, the Evelyn.  It's for a birthday gift (a few months ago...only a little late!)  and she picked out some fun Tula Pink fabric, and a pretty sparkly pink vinyl to accent with.  The pattern didn't have enough pockets, so I am adding on several more, 3 on the outside and at least 2 slip pockets on the inside.

My first attempt...didn't realize I had the pocket on the wrong side because I could make it match on this side too!
This is one of the thicker vinyls, so turning and sewing it is a bit harder than the thin stuff.  I used fabri-tac glue to hold the sides in place, but my clips made tiny dents in the vinyl.  I'm hoping it smooths out soon!

Vinyl sewn on!  That pocket blends in pretty nice, did you spot it?
I've also been busy testing new snap tabs, hope to have them up in Etsy soon!
And this week I got my samples of cork fabric.  It's called 'vegan leather' because it is fully sustainable, waterproof, easy to clean, and feels so amazing!  It's too bad the price is so high, but really, it would only raise the price of a purse by about $50....but totally worth it!  Now to convince someone to order a purse made with it....  I love the greeny-blue with silver flecks the most!

NIL:  A Necessary Clutch made with these fabrics!  Need to get moving on the camping purse, things are starting to pile up again!

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