Thursday, October 15, 2015

WIP Wednesday - er, Thursday...

So it's no longer Wednesday, but I wanted to get my WIP post up for the week!  I'm trying to get back on schedule doing 2 posts a week, but there haven't been a lot of finishes lately and too much else going on!

This describes me perfectly.

I tried to finish the Epiphany, I really did, but 9 broken needles later, I decided she needs to go in time out for a few days.  And I think I'll be ripping out what I did manage to get sewn because that was some of my worst top stitching!  Ugh.

In the spirit of madness, I decided to stitch out an embroidery panel for a future purse.  Maybe about 4 down the list, unless I decide I like it too much to wait!  The printed fabric is Lecien's Girl Story, which is a Japanese print.  I LOVE it!  And this pattern by Urban Threads coordinates so nicely!  I had to redo it, the first time I stitched it out the words just blended into the banner.  Thanks to my new program, I was able to make the words their own step and not sit there staring at the machine and hoping I caught it before it started the words! 
First attempt, the pink is more of a hot pink and perfectly matches the pink of the fabric.

The only finishes I've had this week were a few crochet hats: the Jayne Hat and this cute one! 

Sewing - Time to start on the cloaks so all WIPS and UFO's are now on the back burner until they are finished!

Crochet - One hat is about 1/4 done, but I'm hoping that a good session of yarn group will finish it up, and maybe even get another one started!

Pinkie Pie hat just needs the ends woven in and the patch attached...which should be fast!

Before I jump into a big sewing project, I need to organize my area, there are bits and pieces of everything everywhere and I'm getting overwhelmed!  I'm not a super neat person, but there is a limit to what I can take!  I started storing fabric, pattern, and notions for a project all together in a gallon ziplock, hopefully that will help me remember my plans for when I finally make it to that project!

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