Monday, October 26, 2015

Doctor Who inspired Ethel - Through Time And Space Fabric Preview!

When I was given the opportunity to make a purse to help debut a new line of fabric, I JUMPED at the chance!  This would be my first purse in a 'professional' setting and I would get to see fabric before the majority of the public, so what was there to say "No" to?  HUGE thanks to Scarlett Wells for letting me take part in this awesome project!
Professional Picture from the fabric line release - look how fancy it makes my purse seem!
The purse she chose was the Ethel by Swoon, a free pattern that was recently revamped!  I really felt like this purse needed to have some bling and pizzazz, so I borrowed the front pocket idea from the Bella II by ChrisW Designs and pulled out my piping stash.  The colors in the fabric are very pretty and remind me of a space nebula, but of course they didn't perfectly match ANYTHING I had on hand!  I found out later that the fabric line also has a coordinating blue solid, so I suggest getting it and saving yourself the headache of trying to match!  The complete fabric line can be seen on The Fabric Cobbler Blog HERE, and the preorder will start soon in her facebook group!  This fabric will also be available to other quilt shop owners, so you can always pester (er, ask nicely) your local shop to carry it!
My not as professional pictures.  Someday I'll get better, I hope!
The colors of 'space' are even prettier in person!
There is a beautiful story behind the fabric, and on the Blue Police boxes you can see the phrase "Yours Through Time and Space".  If you go to her blog, you can read the love letter that is also part of the fabric line, a touching note to someone that has changed her life for the better!

The details:  The piping I used is a shiny silver from Hobby Lobby and was the only thing I had on hand that coordinated at all but I think it goes with the space theme.  The bag features the Handmade script tag from Emmaline Bags.  I LOVE her hardware!

The blue fabric is something I found in my stash, scraps left over from something I made...and it matched enough to get by.  I wish I had the plummy-purple of the nebula in a fabric, it is such a pretty shade!  The inside is the plain space fabric, which would be amazing for little boy things, like quilts, curtains, space play mat....hmmm.... of course it didn't photograph very well since it's black, but here are a few bad shots of the interior.  ;)

2 interior slip pockets

It's like looking into space!  It might be bigger on the inside, I'm not sure...

Thanks again Scarlett for letting me make this purse and live vicariously through it at quilt market!  Someday I might find a way to go there myself and see a purse I made in person...that might be my new goal!


  1. GREAT job Rachel and I love what you did with the pockets on the front....of course...heehehee...

  2. ;) Someday I will finish the Bella II...hopefully soon! Good thing I at least got the outside done before I was pulled off on another project :D


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