Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Year's Resolutions - Crafting Style!

Happy New Year!  It's already past the first, but I figured I should probably write these down somewhere...and maybe come back later to see if I actually finish any of them!
Started finally working on my quilt again - halfway done with the quilting and then I'll just need to bind it!


Sewing -

Finish up 1 UFO before I start a new project.  Some UFO's to finish:  Doctor Who Wallet, Owl Epiphany, Foxfield Bella, Sedimental Quilt, crayon rolls

Shop my stash - No new fabric until I've used up some of the stash...unless it's really an amazing deal, or I need it for an order.  That would totally not count then.  ;)

Make all the patterns from the Bag of the Month club - already have a few ideas for January's Backgammon bag once I make it past the birthday party this weekend and finish my quilt!

Embroidery - 

Stitch up existing patterns.  I joined a FaceBook group dedicated to stitching up our 'unstitched' patterns - trying for one a day, so 365 total!  I don't know if I have that many unstitched, but if you count various sizes of each pattern...maybe I do!

List newly stitched keyfobs/snaptabs on etsy

Turn some of the awesome Urban Threads files into mug rugs or shirts.  I have been trying to keep track of them on my Pinterest board, and they are so cool, but no idea what exactly I want to use them on! 

Crochet - 

One UFO/WIP finished before I start a new project.  A few I ran across while getting ready for Christmas:  Goldfish lovey (still haven't touched it!), Dragon lovey, Princess lovey, Shark tail blanket (might need frogged and restarted), random cowls without buttons

Make at least one Cowl or hat each month, to prepare for fall craft season.

Shop my stash - I have a LOT of yarn.  Time to start using it up!!

Writing - 

I WILL finish editing my book this month, get it off to the readers again, and send it out to publishers by July 1!

What are your goals?  Anyone want to join me and do a monthly check in on how well we are doing? Or motivate each other to get back on track? 

I do have the usual 'get in shape/lose weight goals' as well, but mine are specific - at least 15 minutes on the elliptical every other day.  I've kept it up so far, and I'm hoping that the exercise will lead to weight loss and toning!  As I get back in the habit of being active, I plan on expanding my goal, but it's better to start small and specific!

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