Monday, February 8, 2016

Brandt's Boulevard Sew Along - Day 1 - Ready, Set, GO!

It's time to get started on the sew along!! I think this is going to be a fun and fast sew, but no need to rush through it!  Ellen has a GREAT blog post on Christine's blog showing step by step pictures, so if you are ready to go for it, pop over there and sew away!  If you still don't have the pattern, you can pick it up HERE!
Sorry, you're probably sick of seeing this one!  I can't wait for a new one to be finished!

If you aren't feeling like a speedster, or if you are like me and work during the day at a 'real' job, I'll be doing a slower plan to get us moving along on the wallet.  There are only 9 steps (with many sub-steps for each one LOL), and some will go much faster than the others.  Starting today, through Wednesday, you should be working on cutting out the pieces, interfacing, and fusing them all together.  Hopefully you have chosen a fabric, but if you can't decide, you can always post in the FaceBook event and get some votes on what to use!  We love looking at everyone's fabric! 


Today (Monday) through Wednesday - cut fabric, interfacing, fuse interfacing - steps 1, 2
Wednesday through Friday - steps 3,4
Weekend - Steps 5,6
Monday through Wednesday - Steps 7,8
Wednesday through the weekend, step 9 and get pics of your finished project!

If you want to work ahead, go for it!  I think the fastest I've made one of these was in one afternoon (long afternoon...), but I'm also working on a few orders and Valentine's gifts this week, so I won't be rushing through this one!


  1. shirley schenmeyerFebruary 8, 2016 at 6:05 PM

    If we decide to do a vinyl for the flap closure???, Do we trim off the sea allowance?

    1. Do you mean the piece that the push lock attaches to? Are you going to do both sides in vinyl? If your sewing machine can handle it, some can even sew and flip it right side out, but if you are doing 2 pieces of vinyl, I'd trim to the seam allowance and sew it wrong sides together. The underside of the flap does show when it's open, so if you were only doing one layer of vinyl, you might want to line it with a regular fabric on the bottom to hide the ugly part, and then you'd want to sew it normal and flip it right side out. It might take a bit of work to get it to turn out right, but when I did the glitter vinyl Evelyn, that's what I did for the overlay.


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