Monday, February 15, 2016

Brandt's Boulevard Sew Along - Week 2

I had great plans of posting a few times this weekend to motivate, but somehow the weekend flew by!!  This is the final week of the sew along, but you will have until next Monday to finish up and get your pictures entered in the album for a chance to win a free pattern from ChrisW Designs (her patterns are all AMAZING!!)

This week we'll be finishing up, so steps 7 and 8 by Wednesday, and the final assembly (step 9) will start on Wednesday.
Look at how (mostly) straight the pockets are!

Step 7 is the card slots.  I love the way they are put together, no more finicky folding (which I seem to mess up half the time) but they still turn out great!

For step 8, the most important thing to watch is that vinyl for the ID pocket!  If even the edge of your hot iron touches it, it's done for!!!  I ruined another wallet that way - during the final press I got a little overzealous and melted a nice line right along the edge.  You can cover the vinyl with some fabric (I use a flour sack towel)  Or even a sticky note might work.  When in doubt, get a scrap and cover it then iron.  You may want to test on top of some scraps of cloth or something that will protect your ironing board...not that I've had to replace an ironing board cover due to interfacing mishaps....lately.

I am loving all the great wallets the group is making, so many combinations and even other materials - Very inspiring!!

There's still time to join the sew along, or even make another wallet!  I'm finally going to start cutting and fusing mine, and hopefully by the time my good machine is out of the shop, I'll be able to sew it all up in a day!

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